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KJB Sports Massage - Musculoskeletal Injury Treatments

At KJB Sports Massage we offer a range of professional services from sports massage treatments, sports injury rehabilitation programming as well as education courses. Keith is a qualified with a Masters Degree in Sports Therapy who delivers both education and practical treatments at University of Essex. He has over 6 years experience of working with a diverse range of clients that include elite athletes to gym users. He also helps within the rectification of non sport injuries and occupational dysfunctions as he believes that you do not have to be a sports person to benefit from our services. 

Professional Services Include:
  • Sports Massage Treatments
  • Injury Assessments and Treatments
  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation Guidance

Sports Massage Treatments
'Sports Massage' is a deep tissue massage that is designed to increase the recovery and healing process from sports and exercise activities. However this is not solely designed for athletes as it is a very effective treatment for aches and pains experienced during prolonged sitting at computers, standing for long periods and other work or stress related reasons. It is effective in relieving muscle tension and  is also good for people with injuries, chronic pain or restricted range of motion. 

Here at KJB Sports Massage we offer a variety of massage treatments, depending on your specific needs. 
1)  Remedial deep tissue massage - A deep massage that works on pressure to eradicate any tight notches in muscles or sore areas (i.e. back, neck and shoulder massage, non sports orientated).
2)  Restorative sports massage - given during training to allow the athlete to train harder by increasing mobility and encourage less chance of injury.

3)  Rehabilitative sports massage - aimed at alleviating pain due to injury and enhancing optimal recovery time.

4) Kinesiology Taping treatment - Kinesiology tape is fantastic for treating common sports injuries like shin splints, plantars and runner’s knee. It can also increase endurance by promoting blood flow during an athletic event and can be worn up to 5 days. It is 100% organic cotton and can be worn while swimming or in the shower. For more information on this treatment see here.

5) Injury Rehabilitation Programme Design and Instruction - we use a range of modalities to aid within the optimal healing processes based on therapeutic treatments and exercise implementation. You will receive easy to follow progressive exercise guides and tuition on how to complete and progress these rehabilitation exercises effectively. 

For a more enhanced insight into the benefits of Sports Massage click here.

Treatments are available within a 10 mile radius of LE12 postcodes.  A treatment can be arranged within your home or Sports Club and we are adaptable to meet your needs. 

All that is required is for a free space so that a massage couch can be placed to carry out the treatment. 

Treatment Locations:

Leicestershireshire, LE12 7PF
*Please Note: Travel costs are free within a 10 mile radius of the above. Additonal mileage is charged at 40p per mile above the 10 miles return.  Please discuss your location needs on contact.

Treatment Hours
Thursday & Friday 9.30am - 9.00pm
  Saturday & Sunday 9.00am - 12.00pm

 Treatment Costs:
For every new client a 15 minute consultation is carried out as part of the service and does not count towards the actual treatment time. 
All of the above services are charged at*:
30 minutes = £25
45 minutes = £30
60 minutes = £35
Kinesiology Taping treatment £5**

25 minute Injury Assessment and Guidance £20 (additonal treatments please add above cost)

15% discount for under 18's and Students over 18 with a valid NUS card.
Treatments also available for 12 -17 year old clients with parent/guardian/chaperone supervision.
*all treatment costs include transportation, massage mediums and laundry of massage coverings. 
**as part as a Sports Massage treatment package, price range based on amount of area treated. 

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